HOC 33P is a boat that is using the patented Swedish hull technology Petestep. Due to the many positive effects that follows the use of Petstep it’s expected to become the new standard for planing boat hulls.

HOC Yachts had demands on high quality throughout the whole project and therefore they were very precise in their choice of suppliers. HOC found several reasons for choosing Macromould as suppliers of the plugs, and one of the main reasons was Macromould’s ability to mill large-scale plugs.

This project required cooperation and teamwork between everybody involved so that the project could run in a high tempo and without complications. As a result of Macromould initially setting high standards when producing the plugs, the final product HOC 33P became of high quality.

”We evaluated Macromould thorough before choosing them as suppliers – and we most definitely made the right decision!”

Vilhelm Djurberg,

”The plugs were on a higher level than we have ever worked with before – true quality.”

Kenth Lindqvist,
responsible at Swedish Composites that build the boats for HOC Yachts AB.

Macromould has great experience of project such as this – with focus on a high level of interaction between involved parts. Thererfore we know the meaning of good communication to make sure we really meet the costumers’ expectations.

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