Macromould invests in a new milling machine!

Belotti VEGA Series

We thought long and hard on what type of machine we need and came to the conclusion that a Belotti Vega20062 is the perfect compromise for us.

Vega is an advanced 5 axis machine purpose built for automotive and aerospace clients. The machine combines high precision with a large machining area (see measurements and tolerances down below).

With this new machine we double our capacity while also acquiring a machine with better precision. The investment lets us continue our growth and take on new challenges in new markets.

We're currently preparing the surface for the machine. A concrete base is being poured, with the goal of getting even more precision out. Simultaneously we're also adjusting our workflow to achieve smoother production.

The machine is being made in northern Italy, and we'll visit to perform a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) in december. Following that, the machine will be sent to Sweden for installation and its running-in period. We're counting on the machine being ready for work sometime in february.