Design, production and business benefit

At Macromould, we support our clients in their development and manufacture models and forms to everything from boats and geological models to theater sets. Our experience tells us that design, production and business benefit goes hand in hand.


5-axis milling and manufacturing of moulds, plugs and tools in different materials for the industry of composite production, foundries and design industry in our 5-axis milling machines. We mainly mill in materials such as wood, block model, EPS, PU pastes and Epoxy pastes with EPS as the base.

Mold making

We have a very good network for manufacturing of fiberglass molds, tools in carbon and manufacturing of details in glass and carbon. Contact us for more information.


Our experience has given us the competence to carry out simple modeling pieces of work. We provide CAD/CAM drawings and have – if needed for more complex assignments – excellent contacts for complete solutions. We invite you to try us and our experts and are looking forward to provide you with more information.

Boat patterns

With our advance technology and experiences of large models, up to 25 x 6,5 x 2,5 meters high, we can mill plugs for hulls, decks and other plugs for the complete project of building a boat. Every size plug/mould from the smallest interior detail to the largest components.

One off

We manufacture milled plugs/moulds used for for building of one-off boats or boats in very short series, also mill a tool and produce a prototype directly and skip one step In the tool making


We produce 5-axis milled tools and molds with high precission for the aviation industry. We also have the experience and capacity to handle the very largest details. Please contact us for more information.


We are able to supply 5-axis milled models and tools well suited for the automotive industry. Our main expertise and experience lies within platforms, hoods and prototypes. We are at your services and are most willing to supply you with more information.

Composite industry

Only the fantasy sets the limit of what Macromould can produce. We work in different buisniess areas like racing, housing flatbed, desing products, pools, tanks, flight, vehicle and other composite industrial.


Macromould can produce plugs for wings and other details that are used in wind-power.


Manufacturing of foundry models, core boxes and EPS models for full casting.


Macromould can mill/manufacture any free form, ex. mock-up design models, shells and verification models for backdrops and decoration used in movie and the theatre industry. Foam core in different materials for manufacturing of precast element, milled models/forms for concreting, construction industry, architect and landscape models for visualization or why not models for advertising and brass decors. Challenge us, the imagination will set you free!

Challenge us

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